The Brief

Thygesen Vietnam Textile and Garment Company Limited is a Vietnamese garment manufacturer. This is a subsidiary of Thygesen Textile and Garment Group, established in 1931 and headquartered in Ikast, Denmark. With more than 85 years of history, the business has gained a worldwide reputation for developing and manufacturing high quality knitted products, both fabrics and apparel.

Understanding the urgent need during the time of Covid-19, Thygesen has quickly invested in a modern production line to launch a new line of masks.

The target markets are the US, Europe and Japan. This is both an opportunity but also a big challenge for businesses because it is necessary to understand consumer psychology about the perception of using masks and to launch a new product line.

Furthermore, Thygesen’s goal is, in addition to developing a logo for a new line of masking products, their new line of masks can also be appealing to the Western youth.

With the desire to help Thygesen’s achieve their goals, Gu joined the project with 3 main purposes:

  • Research customer psychology to come up with design themes for a new mask brand while still ensuring applicability in the future.
  • Name the new product line and take responsibility for its legality.
  • Design a new logo  packaging for the new line of masks.
The Big Idea

With the requirement of being both a logo for a popular clothing line and applicable to youth apparel in the future, Gu introduced the name “YouSafe” for the new product line, bringing a friendly and safe feeling, with modern, youthful and dynamic design language.




Phong Tran

account & Planner

My Phan
Dung Hoang


Soi & Ay

The Process & Result

Using the method of in-depth interviews with clients in the US and Europe, Gu collected expensive insights in this market on the use of facial masks. Thereby, we use these results with design visual studies to create the most suitable logo choices and the best packaging publications.