Secret Fate


When we make a commercial!
A good commercial can also works and bad commercial!

I think the best kind of advertising is timeless, you can see it 5-10 years from now and you would still like it, the ads might be beautiful, funny, or disturbing or it’s just a good story which you like listen to it again and again.
Creating a commercial means we are playing with client’s brains, it’s really “insult” their intelligence if the commercial repeats things which they’ve already known or purchased over and over again.
Well, in my opinion, this business can work both ways with either GOOD or BAD commercial.
But creating a Commercial is like coming to somebody’s house and not entertain them with a good and funny story. And life isn’t that pleasant, so having a funny commercial is really a relief.
I think people appreciate it.
Tell me if you think our story below makes your day. Be outstanding.
We like to burn out our brains to create an impression. here is one of our works!

Internal Project

GU Agency – F.Team