The Brief

Decumar is a pharmaceutical cosmetic brand specialized in acne products, intensive treatment extracted from curcumin nanotechnology, the most popular products are Decumar and Decumar Clean. Since its launch, these two products have achieved very high sales volume through the pharmacy sales channel. However, when referring to Decumar’s brands and products on the market, only a small number of customers know. In this project, Gu increased brand awareness in the market, from analyzing the customer’s journey and then developing a set of brand mascot that the brand could use in its marketing campaign.

The Big Idea

Gu researches the buyer’s process and consumer behavior of acne and acne treatment products and mapped out the journey of Decumar’s target customers. From there Gu points out the underperforming steps and makes suggestions to create creative content that can be made in Decumar’s marketing campaign.

At the same time, develop a set of brand mascot to integrate into the content creation, with the backstory of friends with special powers, fighting the acne and his accomplices to protect his best friend.




Phong Tran

account & Planner

Dung Hoang
Bao Trang

Character design & Production

F.Team – GU Agency

The Process

Gu analyzes each stage of the purchasing process and points out that Awareness is the most active campaign, but has yet to stand out in the eyes of the target audience. At the Consideration stage, very few customers have made Decumar a choice and consider buying compared to other products on the market because there is little information about the product and the sharing of consumers who have used the product. Moreover, the brand promotion also spreads in many channels with many different forms of implementation.

Gu provided a solution to this problem by proposing to create 3 Content Pillars and integrate them into each stage in the form of short videos, comics with the character set. To create the right character set, Gu surveyed a small group of Decumar’s target customers and did in-depth interviews to understand the visual features that appealed to this audience.

The Result

Gu collaborated with F. Studio to create a character set consisting of 5 main characters: Dee, Lin, Piu, Min (Smooth), Mun (Acne) and his evil friends with cute features, focusing on expression and special abilities that bring out product properties. At the same time, Gu is responsible for writing creative content for short videos and comics using the character set to promote Decumar brand, bringing the brand closer to teenagers. The content of videos and comics revolves around the major topics in the teen’s life such as: school, friendship, acne problems and puberty. With these content, the characters become the bridge connecting the brand and the target customers, they become teen companions in life, as well as in dealing with acne issues.

The Inspiration

Inspired by many cute character sets, close to young people today such as LINE Friends, BT21, the characters are made to be cute, friendly, bright colors but still keep the minimalist, unique.

The Application

The character set is used to represent the company in short videos, comics posted on its fanpage. Moreover, this character set will be applied to a higher level on packaging, media publications, mascot…