Branding design

The Brief

Chick’n is one of the popular fast food brands in Seoul.

With the successful opening of 5 stores in a short time, Chick’n realized the time was right to pay attention and focus on building its image and brand.

Through Gu’s creative identity design projects, we quickly became a prestigious design unit, caught the eye of Mr. Joey Lee – the owner of this chain.

We have received and resolved the following problems of Chick’n:

  • Researching the main colors for Chick’n, for Chick’n to stand out from other popular fast food brands such as KFC, Lotte, …
  • Redesigned the Logo and food packaging brought Chick’n to suitable for young Korean youth and highly reminiscent.
The Big Idea

To increase the association and identity of the company, Gu developed the old Logo: editing the commas in the name of the company according to the image related to the chicken thighs, ensuring minimalism and modernity without losing the brand appearance.




Phong Tran

account & Planner

Dung Hoang



The Process & Result

Since this brand caters to young people, Gu uses fun and youthful motifs, and is suitable for applicability to a wide variety of packaging. In addition to logos and brand identity manuals, The products designed for Chick’n include:

  • Large and small food box packaging.
  • Snack box packaging.
  • Soup packaging.
  • Pizza container.
  • Takeaway paper bags.
  • Poster wall decoration.