Cella Wine

Branding design

The Brief

Cella Wine Is a Wine brand from Australia, specializing in exporting wine to wholesalers and distributors. With the new orientation of exporting wine to the Vietnamese market, Cella has an ambition to distribute wholesale to high-end restaurants, bars, pubs, 5-star hotels, change the perception of Vietnamese customers and create the demand for Australian wine as a springboard to increase sales.

  • Therefore, Cella Wine collaborated with Gu in the design of a new logo and office identity to increase customer recognition, increase trust with partners.
The Big Idea

Following the orientation “Simple but easy to remember – Minimalist but high class”, Gu developed the image of a logo as a wine truck – a typical image for Australian wine brewing in a luxurious and classic Black Gold tone.




Phong Tran

account & Planner

Dung Hoang



The Process & Result

Combined with typical Australian vignette elements such as the Kangaroo image, the bunch of grapes,… we developed the packaging design identity system with the stationery set.

The Application

In addition to creating the main design with pastel tones, there will be color customization solutions for customers (men and women) or holidays and cultural purpose.